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ENDLESS RUBBER BARN FLOORING. Optimum cow comfort is our goal. That’s why we produce stable flooring in rolls. Without gaps and edges, we can create surfaces for cattle housing that are ideal for cleaning.



  • 100 % virgin rubber with high bonding strength
  • Tested by DLG (German Agricultural Society)
  • Ageing resistant due to ozone protection


  • Lying comfort and stability
  • Dpecial studs on the underside of the covering
  • Promotes joint health


  • Rolls up to 100 meters in one piece
  • Seamless for easy cleaning
  • Easy installation – very simple and quick installation due to roll goods and handy size of composite foam sheets
  • Almost no to very few joints
  • Less wear and dirt
  • Suitable for any cubicle width, as no joints are necessary with rolled goods


Lying surfaces must not only be soft, but also provide stability. The safe process of lying down and standing up must be ensured. Injuries and lying marks are minimized. For lying surfaces, we offer coverings and soft beds which, due to their high comfort, increase the lying times of the animals and thus the well-being of your entire stock.



Solid components of manure usually settle in transition areas between individual stall mats, making conscientious cleaning very time-consuming. All HT rubber mats can be laid as rolled goods with virtually no joints. This makes cleaning much easier, whether by machine or by hand. HT soft beds with a slight slope also allows urine to run off the lying surface quickly. Our low-seam floor coverings ensure more stable hygiene – visible in cleaner and healthier animals


Mastitis is probably the most common udder disease, the development of which depends, among other things, on the housing. This is where Huber Technik’s rubber mats can make a decisive contribution in terms of hygiene and lying comfort. The better the cleanliness in the stable, the more difficult it is for inflammatory bacteria. In optimally equipped lying areas, the udder can rest clean, soft and dry.


The alley floor N26 ALLEY enables better separation of urine and feces. Ammonia is noticeable by pungent odor and is produced by mixing of both excrements. Ammonia is harmful to the respiratory tract. Thanks to the special surface texture of the N26 ALLEY, urine can drain faster and contact with feces is reduced. This improves the air conditions in the barn in all weather conditions.


With the extremely robust HT rubber scratching you offer your cattle, cows or bulls the possibility to scrub themselves extensively as needed and to increase their well-being. The HT scouring mats are simply attached to a support post or in a suitable passageway area. For wall mounting, it is recommended to additionally attach a spacer.

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