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Family business with 100 years of history

Huber knows what cows like and our name stands for almost 100 years of company tradition in which rubber processing has always been a central theme.

All our products are Made in Bavaria and therefore Made in Germany. Our family business manufactures exclusively in the plant in Erding. Product development is also carried out in cooperation with our worldwide dealer network at the Upper Bavarian location.

We see ourselves as an artisan company, which guarantees our customers a quick response to individual wishes and needs. At the same time, we do not lose sight of our company tradition: Currently, the third and fourth generation of owners is responsible for the management of the company.


Practical and stable

Huber knows what cows like, because Huber barn floors are manufactured on over 40 steam-heated hydraulic presses and delivered in roll form. This allows us to deliver our products in one piece up to a length of 100 meters.

For the farmer this means, on the one hand, simple installation of the stable floors: lay down the roll, unroll it and screw it tight.

On the other hand, Huber Technik rubber floors do not have any joints as with individual mats and therefore have fewer possibilities for wear and soiling.


We offer a quality product

Huber knows what cows like, because our products consist exclusively of new, unvulcanized tire compounds. This selected raw material contains high-quality components that provide, among other things, aging resistance and ozone protection.

Inexpensive natural rubber compounds do not contain these stabilizers. They can therefore become brittle more easily under the influence of light and air. Stable floors made of natural rubber often contain chalk as a filler material to reduce costs.

Our products are manufactured in proven Huber quality and are therefore not “stretched”.


Guaranteed high quality materials

Huber knows what cows like, because Huber processes 100% virgin rubber and not old tire granulate.

In contrast to commercially available plastics, vulcanized rubber cannot be remelted and repressed, but can only be mechanically crushed with a high energy input. The granules then have only low binding strength.

We process only the high-quality raw material and can thus give a 10-year guarantee on all our products.


Highest quality of all components

Huber knows what cows like, because we offer composite foam sheets that are already packed in plastic film by the manufacturer and are thus very securely protected against penetrating moisture.

This is why we are able to offer a 10-year warranty on the complete rubber cover sheet & foam system for soft bed systems.


The health of the animals is our concern

Huber knows what cows like, because the joint health of the animals is of great concern to us.

Extreme softness does not automatically ensure healthy joints. Huber comfort coverings are characterized by different heights of nubs on the underside. This special nub geometry provides even more comfort for the cow through its cushioning function.


DIN-3763 Standard

Huber knows what cows like, which is why all of our walking and lying surfaces are within the standard of DIN-3763.

The standard sets standards for resilient barn flooring to ensure the best for animal welfare.

“Cattle are grazing animals by development. As a result, they have adapted to partially malleable subfloors. This subsoil shape has an impact when the animals lie down as well as when they stand and walk. A sensible floor design based on elastomer mats can meet these needs of the cattle. To this end, this standard specifies requirements of elastomer mats for cattle housing.” (Quote from DIN 3763)


Experience pays off

Huber knows what cows like, because our many years of experience show that coverings made of high-quality new rubber do not have to be very thick to offer elasticity, comfort and durability.

Our fabric insert reinforces and stabilizes the rubbers and reduces the stretch typical of rubber. External quality control has always been part of our development and production philosophy, so Huber stable floors achieve very good values according to all DLG tests. Because: Cows like Huber!

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