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A product from Huber Technik goes through the entire production process in our company – from the manufacture of the rubber to the finished stable floor covering. We are happy to manufacture accompanying products in co-operation with other companies or in response to market demand. We always focus on animal welfare and are constantly working to improve cow comfort.

Scrubbing console MOO-Massage

Our rubbing option for bulls and cattle provides optimum comfort for all animals thanks to its space-saving installation on stable walls.
The rubber mat – Made in Germany – has up to 20 mm thick studs and measures 300 x 900 mm.

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KalbKomfort N20 PRÄRIE

In future, pure plastic slats will no longer be permitted in German calf pens. The perforated slatted surface based on the tried-and-tested N20 comfort flooring reliably prevents faeces from passing through, so that calves no longer come into contact with faeces and urine than is unavoidable. They are provided with a dry, soft and elastically mouldable lying area in the barn. Huber Technik stable flooring has also been tested for sure-footedness and ensures safe standing and walking at all times. Laying down, standing up and walking is a top priority. A special connecting element has been developed to connect the rubber surface securely and accurately to the MIK PRÄRIE plastic slats.

With KalbKomfort N20 PRÄRIE, animal welfare is promoted!

Compared to a complete replacement of existing plastic slats, retrofitting with Kalbkomfort N20 PRÄRIE has a budget-relevant advantage. In addition, the longevity of the MIK calf slats can continue to be utilised.

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