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Comfort Roll N25

The comfort roll N25 is laid directly on the concrete base of the barn. We achieve the degree of softness through the specially designed studs on the underside. Cows walk, stand and lie comfortably and safely on comfort roll N25. The joint-friendly properties promote the health, well-being and performance of your herd.

N25 is supplied in rolls, making installation much easier. The 1.80 m wide stable flooring has a slight slope on both outer sides so that no puddles form in the rear area. Without shocks, a stable equipped with N25 can be cleaned in a resource-saving way. All Huber Technik barn floorings are PAH neutral and DIN compliant.

They are installed on level floors (concrete). Installation of the roll material is simple and time-saving.


Technical Data
Comfort Roll N25

Application area

High stalls for dairy cattle and young cattle


New construction and renovation


Cover sheet: 13 mm
Studs: 12 mm
Total: 25 mm
Weight: 15.1 kg/sqm


Length: 10 m to 50 m
Width: 1.80 m


With slope in the head and foot area on the outer 100 mm


Top: hammered profile
Center: fabric reinforcement
Underside: 12 mm studs

Penetration depth (at approx. 200 kg)

11.6 mm according to DLG test method

Special features

+ slope on both sides
+ solid rubber profile
+ easy installation


Rolled goods


10 years

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