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Alley Floor N26 ALLEY

The alley floor N26 ALLEY is an elastic rubber floor that provides exceptionally good slip resistance when walking or standing. The profile with studs and grooves on the underside creates a pleasantly soft walking surface. Cows move safely and gently on the N26 ALLEY. The grooves on the surface ensure rapid separation and drainage of urine. Hooves stay dry and horn can regrow healthily. Susceptibility to hoof diseases can be reduced.

The alley floor is characterized by the slope to the drainage channels that separate urine from feces. As this results in less ammonia, the N26 ALLEY makes an important contribution to a good stable climate. N26 ALLEY is compatible with adapted flap gates.  All Huber Technik stall coverings are PAH neutral and DIN compliant.

The installation is carried out on level floors (concrete). The installation of the roll material is simple and time-saving. Please read the installation guide N26 ALLEY.


Technical Data
Alley Floor N26 ALLEY

Application area
  • Walkway covering for plane paved walkways with flap gates
  • New, special structure for manure-urine separation with gutters and up to 6% slope to the gutters
  • Fabric reinforced

New building and refurbishment


26 mm


Length: 10 m to 70 m
Width: max. 2.00 m


Top: hammered profile and grooves
Underside: studs and grooves

Penetration depth

4.6 mm

Special features

+ separation of feces and urine
+ requires adjusted scraper bar to cleaning plates


Rolled goods


10 years

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