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HT Quattrobox OUTDOOR !!! NEW !!!

The HT Quattrobox OUTDOOR is a new product in the development stage.

With it, we present an eligible innovation on the market of stable technology, which not only offers some advantages in terms of investment, but will also solve many problems in the everyday practice of farmers.

As a specialist in rubber stable coverings as roll material, we used our advantage to create a jointless and thus easy-to-clean cubicle for outdoor use. The width, which can be produced in the factory, makes it possible to create an area for no less than four lying areas from just one rubber sheet – two next to each other and two opposite each other. ITW housing levels 3 & 4 for dairy cattle can be achieved in an efficient manner.

Thanks to the unique design of the HT Quattrobox OUTDOOR, rain and melt water, as well as urine from the lying area, quickly drains into the manure removal area. 3% slope of the concrete surface, sloping cut foam panels and sloping mounting rails as well as the proven Huber Technik stable coverings make it possible. A roofing of the cubicles becomes obsolete – it results in a protection of the investment budget.

Without shocks, cleaning can be carried out in an enormously time-saving manner – manually or mechanically.

Manure removal axes can be extended from the stall area into the exercise yard and, with the appropriate clearing frequency, reduce the formation of ammonia.

The walkway can be further optimized in combination with the N26 ALLEY walkway covering from Huber. It is characterized by the special urine collection channel – emission-forming metabolic processes can be minimized by separating feces and urine.


If you are interested in this new development, please contact us directly. We will be happy to answer your questions personally!


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