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Alley Floor N15

The alley floor N15 is an elastic rubber floor that offers very good slip resistance when walking and standing. The proven hammer-blow profile of the surface has a slip-resistant effect even in damp conditions and makes walkways safer. Cows move much more easily on the N15 than on concrete floors.

The 15 mm thick alley floor is also ideal for virtually jointless installation in waiting yards and milking parlors. N15 is compatible with manure pushers. All Huber Technik barn floorings are PAH neutral and DIN compliant.

They are installed on level floors (concrete). Installation of the roll material is simple and time-saving.


Technical Data
Alley Floor N15


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Application area
  • Walkway surface for level paved areas
  • Ideal for jointless waiting areas, available up to a width of 3.00 m
  • Calving and selection area
  • Elevated feeding stall, milking stall, milking pit, etc.

New construction and renovation


Cover sheet: 10 mm
Studs: 5 mm
Total: 15 mm
Weight: 12.9 kg/sqm


Length: 10 m to 70 m
Width: 0.50 m to 3.00 m (in 100 mm steps)

from 2.00 m width: max. roll length 50 m


Top side: hammered profile
Middle: fabric reinforcement
Bottom side: 5 mm nap profile

Penetration depth

4.7 mm according to DLG test method

Special features

+ Solid rubber profile
+ Easy laying


Rolled goods


10 years


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