06. May 2024


A lighthouse project for climate-friendly dairy farming is being created in northern Hesse: the ‘Climate Milk Farm’, initiated by Nestlé Germany, Hochwald dairy and Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences. With a bundle of 30 specific measures, the project aims to convert the Frese family’s farm to net zero emissions.

Focus on climate protection:

The project centres on reducing and storing greenhouse gases. To this end, the ‘Climate Milk Farm’ relies on a variety of innovative measures, such as adapting feeding, intelligent manure management, energy-efficient barn technology, afforestation of grassland and optimisation of the barn equipment.

With our N15 alleyway covering, the manure robot is designed to achieve optimum clearing results. This reduces ammonia emissions. The N15 alleyway covering was installed in the ‘Climate Dairy Farm’ this spring, meaning that Huber Technik is also making a valuable contribution to this project. The monitoring results are being compiled by the Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences. They are intended to bring dairy farming closer to the goal of converting the farm to net-zero emissions wherever possible.

Animal welfare and profitability:

In addition to climate protection, another focus is on the well-being of the cows. The weather-resistant walkway flooring was laid right into a walkway adjacent to the barn. This provides the cows with comfort and sure-footedness even in the open air. The use of a manure robot and massage brushes is intended to keep the animals stress-free and promote their health. At the same time, the project aims to achieve economical dairy farming, which will lead to climate-friendly milk for Nestlé products in the long term.

Pilot project with exemplary character:

The ‘Climate Milk Farm’ in Hesse is a pilot project that is intended to serve as a model for other similar initiatives in Germany and around the world. Nestlé has already announced plans to establish further ‘climate milk farms’. The Frese family’s farm, which supplies milk for the mozzarella on Nestlé’s frozen pizzas, among other things, plays an important role in this.

Monitoring and evaluation by experts:

In order to measure and continuously improve the success of the project, the ‘Climate Milk Farm’ is being monitored and evaluated by scientific partners. The knowledge gained should help to make dairy farming more sustainable overall.


The ‘Climate Dairy Farm’ in Hesse is a pioneering project that is actively driving forward the transformation of agriculture towards greater climate protection and sustainability. It impressively demonstrates that the dairy farming of the future can be climate-friendly, animal welfare-orientated and economical at the same time. We are delighted that our N15 alleyway flooring has been selected and is part of the project!


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