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Scratching console HT MOO-Massage

29. May 2024

Scratching options in cattle fattening

There are some good products available to improve animal welfare in the cattle barn. Scratching brushes are now well established on the market and even the simpler scratching mats are now increasingly being used where space is limited. All products are generally described as suitable for cows, horses and calves – but what can withstand bulls that weigh up to 1 tonne?

Due to their weight, strength and low stimulus threshold, bulls tend to unintentionally destroy scratching and scouring devices faster than it takes to install them. This is frustrating for both the farmer and the bull. Until now, the market has lacked a sufficiently stable yet functional design. Huber Technik has solved this problem with the HT MOO-Massage scratching console. The special substructure made of galvanised black sheet metal ensures that the rubber scratching surface is at a distance of 10 cm from the stall wall and is stable enough to withstand the highest loads. This is the only way the bull can make full use of the scratching area. The neck, ribcage, flanks etc. can be easily reached. Skin and coat care is important for the physical and mental health and balance of the animals.

However, there are other important benefits, especially for bulls and cattle intended for fattening:
⇒ Improved blood circulation: brushing and massaging stimulates blood flow to the skin and underlying muscle tissue. This leads to a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, which in turn leads to healthier growth and better meat quality.

⇒ Loosening of the muscles: Brushing and massaging loosens the muscles and relieves tension. This results in more tender and moist meat, as the muscle fibres do not contract as much during cooking.

⇒ Distribution of fat: Brushing and massaging help to evenly distribute the fat in the muscles. This results in marbled meat that is more flavourful and moist.

Functional, durable and with great added value, the scratching console brings more animal welfare into the barn and contributes to improving meat quality.
The HT MOO-Massage scratching console is manufactured entirely in Germany and, like all Huber Technik products, stands for MADE IN GERMANY quality.



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