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Virtual factory tour

You want to know how stable floor coverings are manufactered at Huber Technik?

Take a look behind the scenes. We are always happy to offer interested people guided tours of the company and show how quality “Made in Germany” is manufactered. With the following video, you now also have the opportunity to gain a virtual insight into our rubber production.

Cubicle coverings

Huber Technik cubicle coverings enable the dairy cow to lie softly, comfortable, joint-friendly and therefore healthy lying position.
The farmer benefits with satisfied and healthy cows and easy-to-clean stalls.
Of course, all our cubicle coverings are within the DIN 3763 standard, because Huber knows what cows like.


Alley floors

Huber Technik’s alley floors enable the dairy cow to walk and stand softly, comfortably and joint-friendly.
The farmer benefits with contented cows, easy-to-clean stalls and very good claw health.
Of course, all our walkway coverings are within the DIN 3763 standard, because Huber knows what cows like.

Alley floors

Company history

We, Huber Technik from Erding, have been producing rubber and metal products for almost 100 years and distributing them all over the world. As a family-run business, we can look back with pride on a company development rich in tradition.

Travel back in time with us – to the most important milestones in the history of Huber Technik.

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21. September 2023


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22. June 2023

🔥 Brand new 🔥

Our exhibition at the building exhibition of the Lehr- und Versuchsgut Köllitsch, Germany

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