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21. September 2023


The alley floor N26 ALLEY  from Huber is an elastic rubber floor for indoor & outdoor use. It offers the best slip resistance when walking and standing. Due to the profile with studs on the underside and grooves on the surface, a pleasantly soft & dry walking surface is created.

The alley floor N26 ALLEY is an innovative product, developed and produced by Huber Technik in Erding, Upper Bavaria, that can improve the health and well-being of your cows. The N26 ALLEY is available as a rubber roll in a length of up to 70 m in one piece. The special profile with studs on the underside provides a pleasantly soft and, above all, joint-friendly running surface. Channels and ridges on the upper side, with the ridges having a 6% gradient to the channel, allow urine to separate and drain away quickly. Ammonia formation and germ pressure in the walking area are reduced – the hooves remain drier and retain their natural resistance. The horn can grow back healthily. Susceptibility to claw diseases is reduced.

The N26 ALLEY walkway covering is available in rolls, which makes it easy and time-saving to lay on level floors (concrete). A precisely adapted slider bar made of fabric rubber, compatible with adapted folding sliders, leads to perfect cleaning of the walkway covering. The walkway covering complies with the relevant DIN standards 3763 and 3762.

Advantages of the alley floor N26 ALLEY:

  • Joint-friendly and soft running surface
  • Non-slip surface
  • Fast separation and drainage of urine
  • Dry hooves, healthy horn
  • Reduced susceptibility to hoof diseases
  • Easy and time-saving installation
  • Compatible with adapted hinged slides
  • DIN compliant
  • Suitable for equipping free stalls


If you are interested in the health and well-being of your cows, the alley floor N26 ALLEY is the ideal solution for you.


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