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HT Combibox

The HT Combi Box is a combination of a soft bed in the head section and a deep pen in the udder area. The head area consists of an 8 cm thick padding by composite foam (wrapped in foil) and the Huber Technik cover sheet 8GS. This provides optimum relief for the cow’s carpal joints and reduces the amount of bedding by up to 70%. A permanent stable padding of the front part of the cubicle is also guaranteed. The udder area of the HT Kombibox consists of a stable deep litter layer.

The farm can therefore choose the type of bedding as desired. Moisture is bound, the cows stay clean and the cleaning effort is significantly reduced.


Technical Data
HT Combibox


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Application area
  • Deep stalls for dairy cattle
  • Conversion from high box to low box

New construction and renovation


Top cover: 8 mm (weight: 10.2 kg/sqm)
Composite foam: 2 x 40 mm
Total: 88 mm


Length: 10 to 50 m
Width: 1.30 m


Top side: Hammered profile
Underside: Smooth, reinforced with extra strong fabric
Substructure: 2 x 40 mm composite foam panels

Special features

+ Extra tear resistant
+ Combination of soft bed and deep box


Rolls + Composite foam panels


10 years on the complete system


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