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HT Kombibox

Kombibox Huber Technik Erding Messe Hannover Stand halb Gummi halb Stroh

The head part consists of an 8-cm thick padding of composite foam and the 8GS decking by Huber Technik.

The HT combination box is a combination of a soft bed in the head area and a deep bay in the udder area. The headboard consists of an 80 mm thick padding of composite foam and the 8GS top cover. The cows’ carpal joints are optimally releived and the bedding volume can be educed by up to 70%. a durable stable pedding of the front part of the cubicle is also guaranteed.

The udder area of the HT combination box consists of a stable deep litter layer.

That means the farmer can still use their preferred bedding. The bedding binds the moisture and ensures for clean cows, and reduces the cleaning expenses.

Penetration Depth (appr. 200 kg): 25,3 mm – 27,1 mm

Installation instructions for the HT Kombibox

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