Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

Also in this turbulent year, we wish you all a Merry Christmas, a reflective time, a Happy New Year and, above all, good health – that is certainly the most important thing in times like these. Thank you for placing so much trust in us despite the uncertain times.

We say goodbye to the well-deserved company vacation. In the time between 23 December 2020 -10 January 2021 you cannot reach us. From 11 January 2021 we will be there for you again as usual.

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Publication of DIN-3763

We are part of a working group that deals with the development of the DIN standard for elastic stable floor coverings in the running and lying areas of cattle and dairy cows. This standard was finally published in April 2020 after only 11 months of work. You can buy them here.

The standard sets standards for elastic stable floor coverings to ensure the best for animal welfare. “Cattle are grazing animals because of their development. As a result, they have adapted to partially moldable surfaces. This type of surface has effects both when lying down and when the animals are standing and running. A sensible floor design based on elastomer mats can meet these cattle needs. For this purpose, the requirements of elastomer mats for cattle stables are specified in this document. ”(Quotation from DIN 3763)

Our work is not finished with the publication of DIN-3763. Together with our committee, we are constantly working to develop the standard further so that we can permanently ensure the best for animal welfare. Of course, this also includes the inclusion of a PAH safety certification in the DIN standard. This and many other topics will concern our committee for the next few years.

We really enjoy working on our committee. Various interest groups are represented, which also draws the point of view to other perspectives. In this way, we not only develop the standard, but of course also our own horizons and our understanding. However, our committee always agrees on one thing: Animal welfare and animal health must be top priority!

Of course, all of our cubicle and walkway coverings are within these standards, Huber knows what cows like.

Dear Sir or Madam,

the COVID-19 virus is discussed so often in recent days. Fortunately, our house is not currently affected, although the situation can change every hour. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we currently do not expect any delivery difficulties from our side. We are still able to continue our production as usual. We have asked our suppliers to provide us with forecasts of potential delivery bottlenecks.

If our situation or that of our suppliers changes significantly, we will inform you immediately! If the situation changes drastically for you and you run into difficulties with acceptance, we ask you to let us know immediately as well.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and open communication.