Alley Roll N15

Laufgangbelag N15 Rollenware Huber Technik

The product

The 15-mm-thick walkway flooring is very flexible, providing high slip resistance. Since the N15 walkway flooring is available with up to a total width of 3 m, it is very well suited for jointless installation in waiting areas.

Laufgangbelag N15 Rollenware Huber Technik

Use in the milking box

The N15 walkway flooring is also very well suited as a milking box flooring. Cleanness, hygiene and easy cleaning are guarantors for perfect milking.

Use with dung racketeer

The flooring is fastened only sparingly. You may even use a suitable dung racketeer on the N15 walkway flooring. Its whole weight remains on the concrete floor, protecting the edges of the walkway flooring.

Installation instructions alley roll N15

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