All stable floor coverings of Huber Technik from Erding correspond to the DIN standard 3763

In April 2020, DIN standard 3763 was published.

DIN standards contain recommendations regarding the nature or size of certain products. Accordingly, DIN standards can be complied with, but do not have to be. Huber Technik, a company based in Erding, Germany, guarantees farmers that all of their barn flooring products meet the requirements of DIN-3763.  The rubber mats ensure a certain level of stability and surefootedness when standing and walking, so that cattle can act out their natural behaviors such as running, jumping up or even grooming themselves in the three-legged stand.

The working committee that drafted DIN standard 3763 already has its next goal in mind. For rubber floor coverings in animal husbandry, limit values for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which have been proven to have a carcinogenic effect, are to be included in the DIN standard. The decisive factor is whether the PAHs can be absorbed into the body through the skin. The company Huber Technik has already passed the PAH test of the DLG, according to the test there is no transfer of PAHs into the milk or into the blood of the cattle.

The Münchner Merkur published an article about this on Maundy Thursday. You can find the article here.