Awards of DLG

We are happy about additional awards of DLG!

The DLG (German Agricultural Association) presented us once again additional awards for our products. We are very proud that our brand new product Soft Bed 8GS WINGS is now officially certified by DLG. Different criteria like durability, handling, abrasion resistance as well as elasticity were tested. All criteria have been satisfied fully. We are very happy about our second medal which we received for the production process of rubber floorings for agricutural purposes. After a successful score of the audit (similar to ISO 9001) our production process of all our products is now officially certified. Furthermore we are one of only few companies wordwide which produces PAK-free products. PAK is a cancer causing toxic substance. Especially in the food industry but also when it comes to recycling it is very important to use PAK-free substances. We are happy to act as a pioneer regarding this topic.

You can find the whole test for the 8GS WINGS here.